Maj. Mariah Smith

Mariah Smith is an active duty military police officer currently assigned to Fort Bragg as the XO for a Criminal Investigation Battalion. She grew up in a Navy family but never liked the water, so she decided to join the Army and jump out of airplanes.  She has deployed six times in support of the War on Terror including tours as a platoon leader and company commander.  She is most proud of leading a platoon in the initial invasion into Iraq in 2003. Her most recent three deployments have all been in Afghanistan, a place she has come to love but not quite understand. Her other assignments have included serving as a Congressional Fellow for Congressman Steve Israel, an Inspector General for HQDA, and as Education Director for the CSA’s Soldier for Life office. She is a graduate of Vanderbilt University and the FBI National Academy, session 256.   When she is not deployed she enjoys riding horses, hanging out with the pets, and spending all her deployment money to fix up old houses (currently on #3).  In the evenings she tries to write while limiting herself to one glass of bourbon.  She is not always successful.

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