Incoming Radio is produced by So Say We All, a 501c3 literary and performing arts nonprofit, in collaboration with San Diego public broadcaster KPBS, to provide a platform for the true stories of the men and women of America’s military, told in their own words, about their experiences leaving war and transitioning back to civilian life.

Originally created in the form of a print anthology and storytelling showcase series by So Say We All through the Cal Humanities “War Comes Home,” initiative, administered by the Oceanside and San Diego Central Libraries, Incoming provided creative writing workshops to veterans throughout Southern California at no cost, and solicited veteran writers across the nation to submit their works on the subject.

Thanks to the KPBS Explore Project, Incoming was able to record contributors performing their stories along with interviews, provide scoring by Chris Warren and his coterie of talented San Diego-based musicians, and present them on-air and online. The collection as a whole will serve as an oral history archive of pre and post-9/11 veterans’ experience with coming home from war, separating from the military, and reintegrating into civilian life. We choose to focus on the homecoming aspect of the military experience, in part, because more veterans of the Forever Wars have died by suicide and substance abuse than in the line of duty on a vastly disproportionate scale, and we believe it is incumbent on us as civilians to understand why.

We therefore dedicate this project to those who never came home.

– Justin Hudnall.

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