Sometimes other people talk about us so we don’t have to talk about ourselves. Here are some highlights:

“Finally there is a theme in Incoming: Veteran Writers on Returning Home reminiscent of the works of Tim O’Brien from Vietnam, as well as the British poets of World War I such as Siegfried Sassoon, Robert Graves, and Wilfred Owen: war is simply too small and large to describe, and language somehow fails to convey the experience of war.”

“Incoming is important. As an outgrowth of several writing programs and initiatives, it offers what appears to be unfiltered and unmediated voices from the wars. Because it is the result of several writing programs and initiatives, there is hope that the editors will produce more works like it in the future. At least we can hope that they do.”

“…I’m sobbing and am having trouble stilling my breath to find my voice. I have never felt that anyone understood what it meant to be a military wife; and quite rightly so because no one in my immediate circle was. You have put all of those feelings into a few short pages. Thank you for writing. Thank you for understanding.” – Jessica W.


  • “Justin and Chris have created compelling radio that gives listeners real insights into how veterans feel about going to war and – perhaps even more importantly – coming back home. The series provides veterans a much-needed platform to express themselves personally, and what incredible stories they tell; they’re tragic, poignant, funny and always thoughtful.”

– Aaron Schachter, Assignment Editor, PRI’s The World

robin-square-620x620“We first discovered this wonderfully rough diamond when broadcasting Here and Now from KPBS. The intimacy, honesty, and simplicity of the idea: vets tell their stories, knocked us out.  The storytellers obviously trust Justin Hudnall to guide them, and what they have to say is often unbearable, sometimes hilarious, always compelling, and cinematic.. with note perfect scores by local musicians. It’s radio meant for private, lingering listening. If podcasts didn’t exist? they’d have been invented for “Incoming”.

– Robin Young, host of NPR / WBUR’s “Here and Now.”